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Eastern Installations work all over Auckland doing shower installation, repairs and replacements. We can work on any type or brand of shower, guaranteed, and can help supply your shower for a hassle-free service. We also offer repair and replacement services, whether it’s a small leak that needs resealing or larger repairs that require a full rebuild. We can also install cabinets and vanities to help with a complete setup for your bathroom.

About Us

We are a small company based in Howick, founded in 2018. We specialise in shower installation and replacements, offering our services all over the Auckland area. We have a small tight-knit team so you can trust we care about each and every job, and will work to complete it to the highest standard. We focus on excellent and timely customer service, to make the installation and repair process quick and easy, and get your bathroom looking and feeling great as soon as possible. We focus on all aspects of showers, not just one, and with our expertise with all types and brands of showers we have no trouble working on any shower to suit your needs


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    We offer shower installation services all over Auckland, and we can easily install any shower regardless of type or brand to fit your vision. We can also help supply your shower, taking the hassle out of organising your installation. We can utilise our knowledge of the shower trade to source high-quality fixtures and parts to ensure you get the perfect fit for your bathroom.

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    Our shower repair services utilise our expertise to help us find the root of any problem with your shower and get it fixed as efficiently and effectively as possible. We pride ourselves on being able to work on any shower, so no matter what type or brand you have in your bathroom, we can diagnose the issue and get it working like new again.

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    Some problems may need more than a simple fix, but with our shower replacement service we can replace and rebuild your entire shower and get it working again to revitalise your bathroom. We only use the highest quality parts and fixtures from trusted suppliers, meaning you’ll get the best job for the cost every time.

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    Specialized Surface Coatings

    Our team offer specialized surface cleaning and coatings. We can clean areas to restore perfect condition before treating them, so that they stay fresh without needing to be cleaned again. You can maintain them without scrubbing or chemicals, just by washing down with cold water. This proven system has been used by the biggest hotels in New Zealand and will save you money and time – get in touch for more information today.


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